Friday, December 7, 2012

Activities of November 2012

I know we are almost half way through December, but I've had this post in my head and in my drafts for a while now, so it would be a waste not to publish it. This month I wanted to share not the standout products with you, but the activities that I was obsessed with.

1. Highlighting inner corners and cheeks

Apparently highlighting the inner corners helps your eyes appear bigger and more awake. I'm not sure why I rarely did this until recently! I have several favorite eyeshadows I've been using for this purpose, all of them are shimmery (but for under the brow area I would use matte exclusively). All shown below.

Urban Decay Virgin is one of my most used eyeshadows from Urban Decay's Naked palette (the only palette I've not depotted yet), in fact one of the most used and versatile Urban Decay eyeshadows in my collection. It's not overly sparkly nude shade which I could classify neither as cool toned nor as warm toned shadow (this means it will go with all sorts of looks and different skintones). I wouldn't use it under the brow bone as I prefer matte highlight shades for that area, but it's perfect for brightening the inner corner. 

Silk Naturals Sonic was a spontaneous purchase with a small skincare order with Silk Naturals and I'm not disappointed. It's described as a light golden copper and a clone for MAC's Vanilla pigment. I wouldn't call it copper, but it definitely has some gorgeous copper sparkles in it. I've not only been adding it to inner corners, but also layering over some boring and flat eyeshadows (for example Fyrinnae's Snow Leopard) to give the eye an extra dimension. 

Lavshuca Melting Eyes palettes are my staples, I am due to write a longer review on  them (or maybe not, maybe I should keep these precious items just for myself *insert evil laughter here*). The lightest shades from them are particularly great and in November I loved placing them in the inner corners of my eyes. 

I also started highlighting my cheekbones a bit more often, even though I have oily skin and aim at getting rid of the shine and sheen most days. It took me a long time to figure out where to place highlighters on my cheeks because I wear glasses, but I think the final effect, no matter how subtle it is, is worth it. For my face I prefer cream/liquid highlighters over powder ones, they are just easier to work with and look more natural. I don't have any full sized ones, but thankfully whenever I buy from Zuneta, I also order free samples which the last time was Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone from Becca. And I think I may order a full size of this product once I run out of the sample (although I've heard gossips Becca is going out of business!). Moonstone looks yellow in the jar, but transforms into a light gold on the skin. Despite the fact it's a liquid highlighter, it doesn't make me feel oily or sticky, the glowy effect it gives stays on most of the day...I couldn't ask for more!

The lightest shade from Lavshuca BR1 palette seems more true to life in the picture above than in the first photo. I'm working with temperamental winter lighting here, so please forgive me:)
Cooler lighting
Warmer lighting
To show you pretty sparkles in Sonic. Same order as above. 

2. Going back to my old favorites

I've been seeing La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo coming up in many monthly favorites of November. I wonder why that is? Anyway, it's been one of my solid must haves for at least a year now, but I rediscovered it especially this past month, because my skin seems to be angry with me. It would be too drying to use everyday, so I apply it every two days before going to sleep and my skin feels much better the next day. I think it's the salicylic acid, with its exfoliating properties, that makes such a big difference when my skin is in critical situation.

If you are a regular on my blog, you know I spent a lot of time with my loose Fyrinnae eyeshadows. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with them and can definitely say my little project has made me appreciate them more.

3. Drinking tea

I drink tea all year round, several cups a day, usually favor sencha over any other teas, however, this month I loved variety. Above you can see a few teas I reached for the most, from strong smoky yerba mate, to rich and fruity Bora Bora. 

But the real winner is the tea pictured below which was sent to me by a lovely friend in October. When I saw it in the box, I sulked. 

She didn't know I HATE ginger with passion.

Despite my attitude to ginger in edible goods I put in my mouth, I decided to give it a go and  now, from 50 bags I only have 1 left! I must tell you that thankfully I can only detect hints of ginger in this tea. The spice blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves seems to be quite distinct, but also mild at the same time, none of the ingredients stands out. Oh, how I wish I had easy access to this brand!

The Republic of Tea Pumpkin Ginger Tea

I like coffee too and in November I loved adding maple syrup to it instead of sugar. Speaking of products that are not readily available to me...The can on the right contains the best maple syrup I've tried so far, to my knowledge can only be purchased in Canada. No, I'm not picky and easy to please at all! *rolls eyes*
November maple syrup empties;)
4. Watching

I was on holiday for a week in November, so could indulge in lots and lots of watching.  I swallowed the first season of Once Upon a Time in under a week and I'm left hungry for more. Even if it means more of this:

My attention span is quite short these days and I get distracted easily, because of this, watching longer films seems more of a chore than a pleasant activity. But I sat through Another Earth. It took me by surprise, made me feel emotional and made me think. We are all told that there are living creatures out there, somewhere in the darkness of the sky, but what would we do if they turned out to be our doubles living on a planet just like ours? What would I do? What would you do? Would it be our chance? A chance for what?

I don't want to spoil too much, so please watch Another Earth and tell me what you think about it. 

5. Disappointment: Essie Dive Bar

I was oohing and ahhing over this nail polish everytime I saw it in the bottle. Until I saw it on my nails. This delicious blue and purple duchrome transforms into a very dark navy (almost black) with some shimmer when applied. Not what I expected at all! *pouts*


  1. <3 this post made me so very happy. I love love love your pictures (Moonstone would definitely not work for me and I'm so glad you saved me from all the MUA hype) but the tea one in particular made me gasp.

    A friend once sent me a box of maple tea -- I think you would really like it.

  2. Thanks for telling me about maple tea, I've never thought about checking if anything like this exists *goes off to google*

    Moonstone blends very nicely, so I think you could make it work, although Pearl would seem a better option for you:)