Sunday, November 18, 2012



I wanted to show and tell you today about my recent Fyrinnae project, Fyrinnae/Loose Eyeshadows Week, but unfortunately my camera's battery died and it will take a few hours for it to load. A few hours until the dusk too and I really don't want to show you pictures taken after dark.

Let me just tease you a little bit and share a family picture for now. Be sure to check my blog for more details at the end of this coming week (I'm going to be on a well deserved holiday then). Also check out Driveller's blog, Kate decided to give her Fyrinnae eyeshadows more love than she usually would too. 


Last Sunday I wanted to bake/create something a little unusual, not your standard cupcakes/muffins, so decided to play around and created these adorable ladies (check this blog for details):

Because I had some Oreos leftover from that project, yesterday I decided to use them up and bake a cheesecake/brownie concoction based on this recipe (this is my most loved baking blog!).

 I think I'm done with Oreo inspired baking for now!

What should I bake next?
Which Fyrinnae eyeshadow do you recommend to me?


  1. I don't own any fyrinnae but those owl cupcakes are adorable!! I'm going to try making them with my choc mudcake recipe :)

    1. Great idea! I think any cupcake recipe, a bit of chocolate frosting, Smarties/M&Ms and Oreos would be fine:) Fyrinnae has some of the most unique e/s I've seen:) They are so inexpensive too! You should check this brand out:)

    2. I heard a lot of good things about Fyrinnae, but I am super clumsy -I once dropped a jar of Mac pigments and wasted so much product lol

      What method do you use to apply these shadows - finger or brush?

    3. Hello:) I use these eyeshadows with a flat laydown brush, never tried with fingers. I know what you mean, while swatching I spilled some of the eyeshadow on the cushion:/